Youco branding

Youco is a start-up in the construction industry, disrupting temporary contruction work hiring to make it more focused on the worker. The company needed a brand that conveyed their user-centric offering in a bold and simple way. As a team, we explored many ways of looking at a logo that emphasised the 'you' in Youco – both literally and figuratively.

Youco logo concepts

I explored many logo design concepts – connections, users, construction, type – but the standout concept was 'smile: the joy of finding you next gig with ease'.

Youco needed the branding to champion the worker yet resonate with recruiters.

Brand guidelines

I created a set of brand guidelines to complete the brand identity, choosing fonts, colours, icons, photography style and tone of voice to ensure the brand comes across as friendly, approachable and professional.

Youco brand guidelines

Once the branding was finalised, I applied it across an array of materials – from whitepapers to the website and press ads.

Youco whitepaper
Youco press ad