GoWizard Branded lander

A branded lander is a client-branded page that customers come to from the main landing page, when perusing home warranty providers and the like on MVF's pages. The Growth Team's branded landers were generating revenue but really didn't look very slick or professional. I was tasked with improving the UI of the branded lander template.

Miro board


I started with an hueristic analysis of the branded landers plus a competitor anlaysis to get an idea of where we could improve. It was clear early on that our template was not only lacking in design finesse, it was also lacking in content. For the Hearing Aids US subcategory in particular, the choice of imagery did little to inspire or evoke emotion.

The pages looked clunky, & they didn't have much to say to our customers.

UI Designs

Visual design

I had a clear picture in my mind of how to proceed, so I scribbled a quick wireframe on a piece of paper, and then went into Figma to make it a reality. Instead of device imagery in the hero section, I used photography showing people going about their day being able to hear earch other – I wanted evoke a sense of what life could be like once your hearing is sorted. As it's a separate product to the page templates, I was unable to do anything about the big form at the top of the page, but worked with the space around it for imagery.

I created a new section under the benefits to go into more detail about the brand and product features, coupled with another lifestyle image of people chatting, to make the page more visually appealing. This new section added a bit of meat to the bones of what was a pretty sparse page.


After some stakeholder feedback, the page was ready to be built for testing. The Growth Team do lots of rapid testing, so these pages are built in Wordpress using the Elementor page builder. My CRO colleague built the page and set an Optimizely A/B test live.

After 7 days, the A/B test concluded with an increase of 64.67% in Conversion Rate, which was our Primary Metric. It was the biggest increase in CR the Growth Team had seen 😃

Branded lander before and after