Exit pop-ups

MVF's CRO team identified an opportunity, based on competitor research, to create and test an exit pop-up with a monetised call-to-action, triggered when the user's mouse exits the browser on desktop. For some verticals, desktop usage is around 50% so the opportunity was big. I was invited to design exit pop-ups for Auto Warranty and Home Warranty verticals.

Auto Warranty exit pop-up
Competitor analysis
Further research


I had some questions: what exit pop-ups already exist in the business? How do competitors do exit pop-ups? What does a well designed exit pop-up look like? In Miro I gathered screenshots of existing MVF pop-up designs, competitor pop-ups, and then searched Dribbble and Google Images for examples of well designed pop-ups. From this research I discovered that both MVF and our competitors had created pop-ups were lacking in terms of good design and content.

I also found that exit pop-up messaging fell into three categories: offer-led, urgency-led, and enticing question.

Messaging exercise


In the absense of content, I started with messaging first, using a technique that starts with themes, then copy is created for each theme. Each theme is ordered by importance, and the copy is refined and edited until you end up with an engaging flow. I ended up with three versions of the copy – one for each of the messaging types I had identified in discovery.

Visual design

Next, I went into Figma to create three designs – one for each copy option. Due to the relative simplicity of the design, I skipped wireframing and went straight into visual design using brand assets available and creating new ones where needed. I explored options using illustration and photography and then presented the designs, the discovery and messaging exercise, to stakeholders who chose to test the urgency-led pop-up combined with photographic imagery, and the offer-led pop-up with illustration.

Three design options
Exit pop-up tests


The offer-led pop-up was tested on Auto Warranty and concluded with an 8.8% increase in conversion rate, while the urgency-led pop-up was tested on Home Warranty and concluded with a 16.11% increase in conversion rate. Urgency-led exit pop-ups were then rolled out across other verticals.

CRM Software exit pop-up
Exit pop-ups

Exit expert

Off the success of the exit pop-ups, I became the go-to for other exit pop-ups around the business. I was approached to design a slightly different style of exit pop-up for another team, where the content includes 3 CRM Software providers and monetised CTAs for each. This particular exit pop-up is currently generating £10k per month, so requests for exit pop-up designs are now a regular part of my UI work.