Eataliano branding

Rame, a wholesale Italian foods importer in London, needed a name and full branding for a consumer version of the business. During a naming exercise, I came up with the favourite, Eataliano, then began logo exploration for the brand. Several routes were persued by the team and since the client wants the brand to eventually be the go-to for buying Italian food online, I thought a strong and clear wordmark was the best approach.

Collectively the team agreed that highlighting the 'eat' in Eataliano was a route worth persuing and so I looked at several typographic aproaches. I found that too much contrast between the two parts of the word was inelegant – the logo needed to be a cohesive wordmark with only a subtle emphasis on 'eat'. I discovered early on that the letters in 'Eataliano' lended themselves to a geometric type approach and so I crafted a perfectly geometric wordmark which, in the end, became the client's favourite and final chosen logo.

Beyond the wordmark, Eataliano needed an ownable look and feel to complete the brand.

The client wanted the brand to have a premium look that felt Italian and rustic but modern. I explored and devised the brand's colour palette of primarily charcoal, sage and eggshell, as well as the photography style and illustrative brand assets. I chose a light, white and rustic photography style with mouthwatering imagery of food to grab viewers by the tastebuds. I also devised the use of illustration paired with photography to highlight the end result of purchasing ingredients from Eataliano – the finished dish! We commissioned an Illustrator to create the food assets in a unique and distinctive sketchy style to evoke the feeling of rustic Italian cooking.

The online shop

The brand's next phase was to create an eCommerce website to begin selling goods to consumers. A Woocommerce website using a pre-built theme was agreed and I then began the website design, using the theme as a guide but making the design wholly Eataliano. After my photoshop designs were reviewed and approved, I applied the designs to the theme using a combination of theme settings in Wordpress and CSS styles in the child theme.

As Eataliano delivers only within the M25, it's key to ensure the company can deliver to the user's area, so I've put the postcode checker centre stage on the homepage, then repeated it further down the page so it can't be missed. At the time of writing, the eCommerce site is not yet live, but the placeholder website we created still is.